Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Holidays

We took a picture with Santa this past weekend.  You can tell you was excited about it, who wasn't and who didn't care.  Ha!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


About a month ago we decided to go up to Yellowstone with some family.  We didn't get to see very many animals until we left but we still had a lot of fun seeing all the other stuff.  The kids loved the geysers, they thought it was cool to see the smoke and Tale thought they were volcanos. I was so scared that they were going to fall in, and they really had no idea how hot that water was, and kept trying to touch it.  So that was kind of scary.  
Tale kept thinking we were going to see way more animals so he was kind of bummed about that.  But all in all it was a good trip.


My Tale boi went to preschool this month.  What a big boy.  He was so excited to go once I got him an avengers back pack.  :)  What a hard task it is to try to find a preschool.  Man, it took me up to the day before school started to decide.  But he has been enjoying it so much.  

This was him on his first day.  How handsome he is and what a big boy!
He was the first one out and ran to me when he saw me, it was so cute.  But he was so excited to show me what was in his back pack and to tell me when he did.  Oh I loved seeing him so excited and having him tell me about his day.  
 Leila was excited for her brother too, she was pretty bummed she couldn't go with him.  They go to nursery together at church so she didn't understand why she couldn't go to this school.

While it is awesome to see him go and learn and grow up a bit, it is bittersweet.  I can't believe we are getting into that age, next year will be Leila and then Tylana.  Some days I just can't wait for all of them to be in school, and others I just don't want to let them go.  

The other hard thing about it is that it is only 2 hours, it doesn't seem long enough.  But perhaps that is all a 3 year old needs but for me it seems too fast.  Not really enough time to do things, or too much time to do something.  Like grocery shopping.  I can't really grocery shop for 2 hours, nor do I want to go home and unload everything plus the two girls only to load them back up in 15 mins.  Anyways, glad my son loves it and glad to have sometime with my girls.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

1 year

Okay so these are a little out of order but it is so hard to have pictures from the camera, from my phone, from Tahri's phone and then it gets to overwhelming trying to get all the pictures in one place.  ANYWAYS, my baby girl turned 1 on 9/11.  I seriously can't believe it has been a whole year.  In one sense it feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital with her and on the other it feels like she has always been a part of our family.

We had such a great day.  There is a little park by our house so we had a birthday party there for her.  We rented a bouncy house, had hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches.  It was a little windy so I didn't get to decorate too much but that didn't seem to matter.

So a little about Tylana, she started walking at 11 months, she only ate baby food for about a month and then wanted what her brother and sister was eating.  She fights over toys with her sister all the time, she only has her 2 bottom teeth in, and she loves to brush them.  :)  She loves her baths, hates showers, she doesn't like to drink milk and of course I've been waiting to give it to her so we could give ourselves a raise by not having to buy formula anymore.  But she hates it and still just wants formula.  She loves to be outside, she loves to put shoes on and she is all over the place when we go to the park.  She is so grown!!!

We sang happy birthday to her and I don't even think she noticed it.  She was so focused on getting into her little piece of cake and the fire on the candle.  Instead of blowing it out she put it out with her finger.  hahaha

She loved getting into her cake and she wanted to share it with everyone.  But only if they ate it off her fingers.  

We rented a bouncy house for all the kids and it was a hit.  Look at how big she looks jumping with all the kids.  She really liked it.
 My beautiful baby girl.  We love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our family.

Happy Birthday TyTy!


What a day to remember!  Another huge event on this memorable day is my baby girl was born.  What a surprise she was when we first learned she was joining our family.  Tylana was going to be our third child and  we figured she was going to be our last so we decided to hold off on finding out her gender until she was born.  We were fully prepared for a boy, Tahri was convinced that is what we were having and so I just kind of went with it.  It was a little hard to prepare for this baby because not knowing the gender is really hard to prepare.  We didn't have a name, we didn't have any clothes, didn't have anything really.  I think that is the downside to not finding out, you don't really prepare and I didn't really connect with her during pregnancy either.  It was kind of just like a big hassle having a big belly and being tired and trying to take care of a 2 and 1 year old.
Anyhoot, I don't think I did a birth story for her and I was trying to remember that day and figured I should write it down.  I was starting to feel really uncomfortable and we had just moved to California and I had a new doctor.  It took me forever to get my paperwork in order for insurance so I think I finally went in at like 32 weeks.  AHHH I know, but I felt like a pro at this seeing I just gave birth like 14 months prior.  But it was getting so hard to carry Leila and Tale, and with my mom not coming this time around timing was a big issue with me.  I didn't really want to be an inconvenience  to my brothers since they were the ones that were going to be watching my 2 kids while I went to the hospital.  So I looked into getting induced and my doctors acted like I was the worst kind of mom out there.  So I decided to wait it out and about a week later  the contractions came at like midnight on 9/11.  I should have know.  I wasn't quite ready to go into the hospital just yet but I couldn't sleep so I got up and "prepared".  I cleaned the kitchen, got my bag packed for me and baby, wrote out notes for my brother, what to feed the kids for each meal, notes on what to do for them if....Then about 2.5 hours later I decided that the contractions were coming quicker so I hopped in the shower and got ready.  Called my brother at 2:30 in the morning to come over and off to the hospital we went.  I wasn't sure if they were going to send me home or not because the contractions were not that bad and they were kind of random.  But when they checked me I was about 5.5 so they admitted me.  Once we got checked in all the questions began and the only thing on TV was about remembering 9/11.
Tahri and I started to try to think of names and of course since we thought it was going to be a boy, we only talked about boy names.  We ended up settling on Sailo, that was all Tahri.  I was progressing pretty quickly and before I knew it I was ready, it was about 9 in the morning, I still hadn't gotten a hold of my mom and my doctor was in a surgery so I had to keep holding on a little longer.  About 45 mins later my doctor comes in and everything is set in motion.  There was this huge light they they brought down for the ceiling and put it you know where, and my doctor had these big glasses on and I got a small glimpse and I quickly looked away, I was like ah I'm going to freak out if I see anything coming out.  ha!  And then like 2 or 3 pushes later out she comes, my doctor was like okay I'm not going to say what it is, so she called Tahri over and he goes oh its a girl.  hahahaha, She was so calm, they put her on my chest and she just kind of looked around.  I looked at Tahri and was like can you believe this?  She is just happy looking at me and looking around, unlike the other 2 they were screaming looking for my boob right away.  The other two I had my own room, but it looked like I was going to have to share a room, but they ended up putting me in a private room.  Thank goodness.
She had a little trouble sleeping and eating and was spitting up this like black stuff, so finally they took her and got it all out.  When she came back she was a happy camper, she slept like a champ and I had to wake her up a few times to feed her.  She was by far the easiest baby.  We were only there over night and checked out the next morning.  And off we went family of 5, 1 boy 2 girls and all 2 and under.  oh my what an adventure.  :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tavita Family Reunion

About a month ago the kids and I went to a family reunion in Utah.  This was seriously the worst and best trip for me.  Tahri was unable to make it because he was in charge of Relay for Life in Idaho Falls that weekend so the kids and I went by ourselves.  The ride wasn't too bad but I swear I almost drove off the road a few times because driving and trying to keep kids happy can be pretty challenging.  :)

Anyways, the kids were really attached to me and so it was pretty hard to do anything.  Tale finally started venturing out and having fun with all the other kids but the girls would cry bloody murder if anyone tried to talk to them.  But it was so fun to see my family.

Leila loved running up and rolling down this hill.  I thought she was so cute. One of the days was a park day and we got to play games, bbq and just enjoy each other.  I was a little bitter this day because I wanted to compete in all the games but my kids wouldn't let me.  ERRRR..........
 These pictures are a little out of order.  But the first day we all met at the church for introductions, family history and dinner.  We drove straight there so that is why my kids look all funky.  The picture in the background was the design on our shirts so everyone got a picture in front of it. Tale wanted to have his own photo shoot so we went back so I could take his picture.
 It was soooo hot this day and so Leila didn't mind jumping in the pool.  The games are going on in the background and everytime I tried to slip away she would jump out of the pool to get me.  ha!  But isn't she cute?
 This family reunion was on my grandmother's side.  It was her and all her siblings and their families so it was a big reunion.  There was 9 of them and just about all their kids came.  This is a picture of my grandparents with my brother and some of our cousins.
 Our Anaheim family.  When we lived in California we would get together all the time with them.  Whitney was like 5 and now she is all grown up!  I sure do miss them.
 Just a picture of me and the kids.  This is pretty much how I was the whole reunion.  The crazy mom with 3 kids.  hahaha, Tylana and Leila hanging all over me.  Tale every now and then.
 I just thought Leila was so cute in this picture.
 My brother Josh flew out from California with his new baby Jahkoa.  He was like dad of the year to everyone.  But really he was.  He took his boy everywhere and was just the best with him.
 The biggest reason I decided to take on the challenge of travelling with 3 kids was because of this man, my dad!  He is the best and there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to see him.  Tale was just so excited to see him and wanted to be with him all the time.  My dad lives in Hawaii and I hardly get to see him.  Love you dad!
 My brother and my cousin Will cheating.  haha, can you tell they aren't tied anymore?  Hahaha, what a fun time!

Monday, August 20, 2012


This year I got to play tennis again!!!  It has been just about 3 years since I've been able to play with being preggos for the last 3 years.  :)  It was a blast!  I did super well this season if I do say so myself, okay I"m bragging, but I was so shocked that I could hang after being MIA for so long.  I played singles and doubles and only lost once the whole season.  Our team was awesome too, so awesome we went to districts which is like our state championship.  Here we are in Boise getting ready to play.  It was such a fun season!  I can't wait for next.  Oh and we didn't do very well at districts.  ER, but there is next year.